Terms & Conditions


1.1 Purpose of the reservation

The purpose of these General Reservation Conditions is to allow a Buyer to reserve a NamX vehicle from SAS ANNAJAH MOTORS, a simplified joint stock company, whose registered office is located at 163 QUAI DU DOCTEUR DERVAUX 92600 ASNIERES-SUR-SEINE, registered with the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register under number B 878 878 644 (hereinafter referred to as "NAMX"). This vehicle will be available, within the limit of the vehicles produced, under the conditions provided for in Article 2 "Reservation terms and conditions", (hereinafter referred to as "the Vehicle").

1.2. Vehicles

The Buyer's reservation will allow him/her to purchase a vehicle of the NamX brand model HUV GT or GTH, available in our distribution network. The Buyer certifies that:(i) he/she is of legal age under French law (i.e. over 18 years of age)(ii) he/she has the capacity to reserve a Vehicle with respect to:- the public policy provisions to which he/she is subject;- any obligation to which he/she is personally subject.


1.1 Purpose of the reservation

The reservation will be open as long as models are available for reservation.The Buyer will have to select his country of affiliation.The Purchaser will indicate his personal details including name, surname, title, email, postal code, cell phone number on the dedicated form.He will then select his vehicle among the available versions (HUV GT or GTH).The payment by credit card or check of the amount of the reservation will be requested at the signature.A confirmation message will then be sent by email to the client indicating that the reservation has been registered.

The reservation of a NamX vehicle guarantees to the Buyer that he will be contacted by phone and/or email as soon as the vehicle he reserved will be open for order in the NamX network and that he will be able to proceed to the actual order of his vehicle.The reservation of a NamX vehicle does not entail for the Buyer any obligation to purchase the reserved vehicle. The Buyer will be free to purchase or not the reserved vehicle during the production period, starting from the registration of the reservation. If no order is signed during this period, the reservation will be cancelled and reimbursed by NamX in accordance with the terms and conditions described in article 6 below.


The reservation of a vehicle supposes, to be firm, the effective deposit by the Buyer and the collection by NamX, of an amount of : 1000€ TTC This amount will be uniform regardless of the geographical origin and local currency of the Purchaser. Any reimbursement of the reservation will be made in euros and will amount to 15% of the price of the reservation. It is specified that the possible expenses related to the exchange rate will remain the responsibility of the Buyer. This deposit, in case of a firm order, will be transferred to the member of the NamX Network after which the Buyer will have made his order. In the context of the online booking, NamX relies on recognized banking partners for the security of the transactions and will in no way be informed of the Buyer's payment card details.


Once the deposit has been made, the Purchaser will receive a confirmation of his/her reservation by e-mail, to the e-mail address previously indicated in the form.


The vehicle purchase operation is carried out under the conditions provided below.If at the opening of the order taking in the Network, the Buyer has a reservation, then he will be contacted by the NamX Network member. He will be invited to come and fill in his order form at the NamX Network member. His reservation will then be removed from the reservation list. The amount paid for the reservation will be entirely deducted from the total amount of the order. If the sale is not made in Euros, the counterpart (1000€ TTC) will be converted into foreign currency at the date of the order. Once a purchase order has been signed by the Buyer, he/she can no longer request the return of his/her deposit or the modification of the vehicle's characteristics.


6.1. No commitment

The reservation does not constitute an order for the selected Vehicle and does not constitute a sale. Only the signing of the purchase order by the Buyer with a member of the NamX Network will constitute a sale of the Vehicle. In the absence of a signed purchase order, the Buyer is free to cancel the reservation at any time by following the procedure described below.

6.2. Cancellation procedure

The reservation amount is refundable subject to a fifteen percent (15%) processing fee if you cancel your reservation at any time prior to completing the purchase. All refunds will be made within 60 days of receipt of written notice of cancellation, provided proper payment details are provided to NamX.

Buyer Initiated Cancellation:

Buyer shall:1) Confirm his/her willingness to cancel his/her reservation and the consequences thereof.2) Fill in the required fields in the form (IBAN / BIC, postal address, ...) and validate. The refund of a reservation will then be made directly to the bank account of the Buyer within 60 days of receipt of the request. The reservation will then be removed from the reservation list. In case of cancellation of the reservation, the Buyer accepts the loss of the related benefits.3) If NamX is informed of the death of the Buyer, the beneficiaries will have to provide proof of death and bank details (IBAN / BIC) of an account where the refund of the reservation can be made.Cancellation initiated by NamXNamX may cancel the reservation:- if the Buyer does not comply with the provisions specified in article 1.3 or article 1.4.- or if, at the end of the reservation period, the Buyer has not converted his reservation into a final order before the deadline given by NamX.The Buyer is informed by e-mail that he is invited to communicate his IBAN / BIC to NamX in order to get the refund of his reservation by bank transfer within a maximum of 60 days.


As soon as your reservation approaches its production phase you will be informed of the availability of different vehicle configurations and different prices. When the time comes out, you then will have to select your final configuration. Depending on availability and your selection, NamX will draft a purchase agreement for your vehicle showing its full purchase price, with estimated applicable taxes. Your vehicle funding must be approved prior to delivery.


NamX is obliged to process the Buyer's personal data. For any personal data processing carried out under this Contract, the parties will comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as any additional rules applicable to personal data in France.


  • Due to the booking terms, NamX does not provide any guarantee on the development progress and the final delivery dates of the HUV. Production and delivery dates may vary from region to region at the sole discretion of NamX.
  • Due to the booking terms, NamX does not provide any guarantee on the final design, specifications and price of the HUV. The final design, specifications and price may change between the time your reservation is made and the time of purchase of the vehicle.-NamX is not responsible for statements made by third parties regarding production, delivery date, price, options or other vehicle information.


The General Conditions of Reservation are available in French. In case of contradictions, ambiguities or incompatibilities between the French version and any translated version, only the French version shall prevail.


The present General Conditions of Reservation are subject to French law, except for public order provisions to the contrary.The parties shall endeavor to settle amicably any disputes that may arise between them concerning the validity, interpretation and/or execution of these General Conditions of Reservation. In case of failure, the choice of the competent court will be made in accordance with French law, except in the case of public order provisions to the contrary which imperatively provide for the competence of another jurisdiction.


NamX reserves the right to modify at any time the present general conditions of reservation by publishing a new version. These changes will come into effect as soon as they are published online or sent to new Buyers.This document was updated and published by NamX on September 13th 2022 and replaces any previous version.